Hotel Management

Hospitality Guru’s Management division bring together HR best practices, employee incentives, and extensive checks and balances when it comes to making sure a property is running in an efficient and effective manner. Whether it is negotiating a contract with a vendor, social media and online presence, capital expenses, or setting up a 10 mile radius marketing plan, HGM practices industry leading techniques and nuances. HGM believes wholeheartedly that a company’s biggest asset is its employees, and takes great care in training, reinforcing, and cultivating leaders in the industry.

Hotel Investment

When considering investments, our philosophy is one of conservative aggression. We look for niche markets where there is overlooked demand and need of new product. After rigorously analyzing the needs in the market, we select the right product and size for the optimum fit. Our founder has been able refine his skills in this component over his tenure and has used his creativity and vision to spot a good investment which may easily be overlooked by others.

Renovation & Maintenance

These assets require daily maintenance and capital expenditure. HGG maintains a strict policy for maintenance and repair for all its properties. This includes exterior appearance/curb appeal to programs that require routine carpet cleaning and water conservation. An asset such as a 75,000 sf building can easily deteriorate if decisions are not made in a timely fashion and with long term benefits in mind. HGG has even been recognized by Intercontinental Hotels Group by receiving a “Renovation of the Year Award.”

Asset Development

The HGG team has spent years developing a strategy for building, renovating, operating and maintaining hotel assets. This experience has provided the foundation for our company to grow and develop assets. HGG is currently in the planning phases for several, large hotel developments throughout the Chicago suburbs. These projects include extended stay hotels, conference center, select service and full service hotels with bar and restaurant. This form of asset development is supported by experience, vision and portfolio strength. For more information regarding asset development, please call our main office or schedule a visit to our corporate office located in Aurora, IL.