• Front Desk

    Hotel Management

    Hospitality Guru Group is a hotel development & management company that owns and operates hotels throughout the Midwest region.

  • Hotel Marketing

    Hotel Marketing

    Properties under our umbrella include limited service hotels across several brands.

  • Hotel Group Sales

    Partner Relationships

    We have built a strong relationship with many different partners in the industry including financial institutions, counsel, real estate companies, topline management personnel, and franchises.

  • Cost Control


    When considering investments, our philosophy is one of conservative aggression. We look for niche markets where there is overlooked demand and need of new product.

  • Hotel Renovation

    Renovation & Maintenance

    Creating a beautiful guest experience while keeping costs under control is our improvement strategy.

Meet Our Team

Hospitality Guru Group is Unequalled in the Industry...

The hotel business is quite dynamic. From working hand in hand with municipalities for development purposes, making guests comfortable and feel at home, the scope of the industry is expansive.